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Managing an organization’s information security program can be complex, overwhelming, and costly. You may find it difficult to focus on your core business and strategic goals while juggling ever-increasing day-to-day security demands. If you’re continually challenged by the demands of your information security program, consider CYBERSALUS
security operations center (SOC) services.

Through our innovative capabilities to create and/or modify security operations centers (SOC’s), Cybersalus provides services to protect your network and provide incident detection, and response that can quickly adapt to your organization’s specific needs. Just as importantly, you save time and money because we integrate this suite of services into your existing infrastructure. We will minimize the need to make changes to your IT services and infrastructure or abandon the cyber security initiatives you may already have underway.

Choose CYBERSALUS security operations center (SOC) services when you need to address any or all of the following aspects of your information security program:

  • Centralized security management
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security device monitoring and management
  • Policy compliance monitoring
  • Remote perimeter management
  • Managed security monitoring
  • MSS on-site consulting


By integrating the latest processes and procedures with cutting edge technologies, CYBERSALUS provides the edge needed for modern businesses to successfully counter the ever-present cyber threat. Our unique approach will:

  • Prevent attacks while reducing downtime
  • Protect your data and infrastructure
  • Meet compliance initiatives
  • Implement proactive protection for systems
  • Provide context-aware intrusion prevention that protects your network
  • Apply security visibility and control


CYBERSALUS is a Security Alliance Partner with McAfee Inc., the world’s largest dedicated information security company. Our CSOC solution is comprised of McAfee’s integrated security suite of enterprise security technologies. Our Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) can handle thousands of security events per second. Coupled with a world class intrusion prevention system (IPS) which can stop attacks in real-time and high-capacity event receivers to collect all your security logs and events, Global Threat Intelligence Feeds, and an advanced anomaly assessment engine, CYBERSALUS is equipped to take back and defend the security of your networks from the ever-increasing threats.

“We have entered into a new phase of conflict in which we use a cyberweapon to create physical destruction, and in this case, physical destruction in someone else's critical infrastructure.”

Former NSA Director and CIA Director Michael Hayden

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