Executive Leadership Team


John Kiehm, CEO

Prior to taking the helm at Cybersalus, John Kiehm founded SKC and also currently serves as its president and CEO. He is a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Chief of Staff where, in addition to his staff responsibilities, he directed the monumental reform of the agency’s Human Resource program. During his career at DIA, Kiehm was charged with centralizing management for Defense Human Intelligence, and developed this service into an internationally-respected organization. He implemented his vision of automating critical functions of its operations and management of records, making the organization’s critical intelligence products real time. For his last assignment, Kiehm served as the senior DIA representative to the Supreme Allied Commander, NATO Forces and Commander of the U.S. Forces, European Command. He also served as the Director for Engineering and Logistics Services, providing critical operations support to include engineering and logistics services for CONUS-based activities of DIA, as well as diplomatic support for defense attaché offices worldwide. Kiehm served in the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned officer for 24 years and upon retirement, joined DIA in a civilian capacity. Since retirement from DIA as a Senior Executive Service member, Kiehm served on corporate boards and provided consulting services for private and public corporations. His hands-on human source intelligence operations experience, logistical expertise, as well as his internal knowledge of military operations, made Kiehm and Cybersalus valuable partners for customers seeking secure solutions in key mission areas.

Joe Guirreri, Vice President of Plans and Operations

Mr. Guirreri has over 20 years of Federal IT management experience, more than 19 years of industry IT management experience, and is PMP and ITIL certified. During his career, he has managed programs that span large portions of various departments and agencies. Mr. Guirreri has managed over 200 Cyber security experts that have provided Enterprise Risk Assessments and deep attack/penetration vulnerability analysis. He has developed artificial intelligence/expert system operations center software, and established both a forensic lab as well as one of the first Federal CMMI compliance labs. Mr. Guirreri also has managed strategic service delivery planning and operations in several industry and government organizations. He led design/development teams, which provided support to various large scale clients. Mr. Guirreri was a primary leader for a design center effort that contracted a $2.5 billion transition effort, and managed the setup of Configuration Management for a large Federal department organization.

Mr. Guirreri served for 7 years as Chair of the TechAmerica Foundation (previously GEIA) Department of Homeland Security Vision Committee composed of 80 IT Industry representatives. He completed a 7 year Federal appointment to the Department of Commerce (NIST) Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB). Mr. Guirreri has been a member of DHS Software Assurance Work Group (specializing in Supply Chain software assurance), National Cyber Security Division, DHS. He also served on the Presidential (OMB) Task Force which recommended FISMA metrics (September 2009 – March 2010), headed by Suzanne Lightman, OMB. He was elected to Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Board of Directors.

As a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, he commanded the 1962nd Communications Group, the Defense Information Systems Agency Europe (DISA-Europe), and served as Chief of the National Coordination Center (NCC) National Communication System (NCS), now part of DHS. He served in two jobs representing the U.S. on NATO committees.

David Zahra, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

David Zahra is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Cybersalus LLC. He is responsible for leading Cybersalus’ financial functions and strategies, including all financial accounting, treasury, budgeting and tax activities, in addition to contributing to the overall strategic direction of the company.

With his strong business background and expertise in strategic and operational planning, forecasting, financial performance management and financial analysis, he has led diverse organizations in business expansion, driving organizational effectiveness and exceeding corporate objectives. David has an exceptional business operations record of accomplishments in strengthening the fiscal integrity and profit maximization in startups, turnarounds and mature businesses, which has led to successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Mr. Zahra has more than 30 years of experience in senior financial roles within the Technology, Telecommunications, Cable & Broadcast, Logistics and Aerospace industries. He was previously Director and Controller of Northrup Grumman’s Technical Services Sector’s Integrated Logistics and Modernization Division, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CBS Cable Sports, Chief Financial Officer of Middle East Broadcasting Network and Vice President Finance and Administration of Comcast SportsNet.


“The United States is fighting a cyber-war today, and we are losing. It's that simple. As the most wired nation on Earth, we offer the most targets of significance, yet our cyber defenses are woefully lacking. . . . The stakes are enormous. To the extent that the sprawling U.S. economy inhabits a common physical space, it is in our communications networks. If an enemy disrupted our financial and accounting transactions, our equities and bond markets or our retail commerce--or created confusion about the legitimacy of those transactions--chaos would result. Our power grids, air and ground transportation, telecommunications and water filtration systems are in jeopardy as well.”

Former Director of National Intelligence and NSA Director Admiral Mike McConnell

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