CYBERSALUS LLC sponsored and held a Cyber Security Summit, February 12, 2014: Cyber Threat - Texas

The Summit was held at the Old San Francisco Steak House 10223 Sahara Drive, San Antonio, Texas

Topics included the Cyber threat in the US and specifically Texas. We discussed how a business with a limited information technology security budget can manage the risk of the growing cyber threats? We heard from experts in the field about the tools and techniques that every business owner needs to know to protect their valuable resources. We discussed how to understand the Threat and Implement Effective Security

Jon Ford, FBI San Antonio Division
Arthur (Wally) Wachdorf, 24th Air Force
Jerry Clayton, McAfee Inc.
Mr. Drayton McLane, McLane Group


“This a problem that we must address; our nation is otherwise at risk and to ignore this problem, to think it is going to go away runs headlong into all of the intelligence we have gathered, the facts we have been able to accrue which show that the problem is getting worse instead of getting better. There are more countries that are becoming more adept at the use of these tools; there are groups that are becoming more adept at the use of these tools; and the harm that they want to do to the United States and to our infrastructure through these means is extremely real.”

Attorney General Eric Holder in a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

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